We assist organizations in choosing a new IT supplier and take responsibility for transitions to implement these choices. We are also focusing on enabling performance of existing relationships. Our approach to this is characterized by “an ounce less” of methods and models and ‘an ounce more’ on input of practical knowledge and experience on both sides of the table.



The Sourcing Network works with a network of experienced professionals. Everybody contributes their own individual expertise, experience, methods and instruments, creating our ‘Collective Brain’. Per situation we select the right combinations of expertise to ensure that we arrive at the appropriate solution.


  • “After realizing a complex IT transition in 2013, we have asked Addie to bring in his experiences for realizing a number of internal changes in 2014. Through his many years of being a people manager he helped us to deliver these changes. Always searching for ‘win-win’ situations, he was able to bring all stakeholders goals together and successfully implement the changes. On top of that he provided very valuable feedback to our executive management which demonstrates he’s an excellent management coach.”

    – Luc Schillebeeckx, IT Development Director Base Company

  • “The hosting and management contract with our supplier needed to be extended. Gerd has played an important role in the journey to the eventual choice for a new supplier, rather than an extension. This resulted in a better fit, lower costs and improved service!”

    – Theo van Endhoven, Manager e-ABS VNAB

  • “In a short time, with their knowledge, expertise and network, The Sourcing Network has guided us through a complete package and supplier selection process – my compliments!”

    – Gilbert Martina, COO Ennia

  • “The Fit Scan was an excellent tool to map out the characteristics of the client-supplier relationship at different organisational levels, and in doing so, identify potential improvements in the collaboration with our IT supplier.”

    – Sytze Koopmans, CIO DHV

  • “The Fit Scan has given us practical insight into the areas of improvement in the collaboration between Essent IT and one of its service providers; a strong aspect of the scan is its primary focused on the ‘soft’ aspects of the partnership, rather than the more obvious aspects that already get day-to-day attention.”

    – Rob Kremers, IT Director Essent

  • “It was clear to me right from the start that The Sourcing Network had a different approach. Besides the clear structuring of the actual transition programme, there was particular attention paid to the way in which the interests of all parties involved were consolidated. And that has clearly worked – all the objectives that we had set in advance were met.”

    – Tom Poelhekken, CTO KPN Group Belgium