About us

The Sourcing Network focuses on forging successful collaborations between the client and supplier. We assist organisations that outsource their IT activities in selecting a suitable supplier. A transition period to implement this choice is of course inevitable. This is why we take responsibility for getting the collaboration off to a successful start.

We also help existing partnerships that aren’t functioning optimally by identifying and tackling the underlying causes. We are very clear in our approach: acknowledging the interests of both parties is key. It goes without saying that our expertise and experience as both client and supplier is a huge advantage.

The Sourcing Network is also the connecting link that brings together the supply and demand for complex Interim and Programme Management roles. The professionals in our network distinguish themselves by what we call their, ‘power of execution’. Thanks to their professional expertise, the ability to consolidate the different stakeholders’ interests, and the concrete application of acquired knowledge and experience, they are able to realise the results needed.

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