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Addie Korsten Managing Partner M 06 22 60 56 54
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Working since 1996, Addie has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in IT Sourcing at IBM and Logica. Through his experience at two large international IT suppliers, he has gained a unique insight into propositions, knowledge, experience and in particular, understanding different parties’ culture and way of working.

Thanks to his background, Addie is expert at defining a clear IT Sourcing strategy with organisations, selecting the right partner, and subsequently implementing the strategy as a successful whole. Addie is an extremely committed professional, whose open style of communicating, preference for ‘straight talk’ and a self-critical attitude can motivate people to get the best out of themselves. An all-round team player.

In 2011, driven by his vision for IT sourcing and the desire for independence, he decided to use the expertise and experience he’d accumulated, and start his own business. This led to the founding of The Sourcing Network at the end of 2011. In his free time he likes to travel and devotes a lot of his time to tennis and his other passion, football. In particular as a youth trainer, the perfect learning environment if we’re talking 'open communication', ‘motivation’ and 'straight talk'...

Gerd Tjerkstra Managing Partner M 06 34 37 17 13
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Gerd started his career in 1977 at AMEV. He then worked for Fortis, NS, Delta Lloyd and UWV amongst others, in various IT management and board roles. In the last three years he has been active as an independent Consultant. Through the years he has particularly focused on the design and implementation of large projects, organisational development, the (substantive) shaping of change and its realisation. Gerd has also accumulated substantial expertise and experience in the insourcing and outsourcing of business divisions. Because his work was generally on the user side, he also has broad experience in working with IT suppliers.

This background makes Gerd an ideal sparring partner who knows how businesses view and deal with IT. He knows how to formulate the appropriate IT vision and strategy for an organisation, and is able to flag both the opportunities, and the limitations, when entering into external collaborations. Gerd knows how to get people on board, is sincere and committed to realising projects. He penetrates complex material and organisations quickly, and is able to identify the root of the problem.

The Sourcing Network’s proposition, in combination with the ambition to share his accumulated experiences, helped him in his decision to join The Sourcing Network in April 2012. Outside of his business activities, Gerd spends a lot of his free time on cultural activities, painting, tours and enjoying classical music. He also loves to immerse himself in history and enjoys walking.