Collaboration… what it’s all about for The Sourcing Network. Rapid changes, complex production processes and multi-party dependencies make it necessary – even more so than before – for collaboration to run smoothly. On the one hand, betweenorganisations in client-supplier relationships that are more dependent on each other to realise their goals. But also withinorganisations where teams are expected to generate more output, and deliver it faster than ever before and at a superior quality.

We assist organisations that outsource their IT activities in selecting a suitable supplier. And of course, we view the implementation of this choice in a transition as part of this. Because we take responsibility for getting the collaboration off to a good start. For existing relationships that are less productive, we help to identify and remove the underlying causes. We are very explicit in our approach, that to do this we must look at the interests of both parties. Our expertise and experience on both the client and the supplier side are obviously a huge advantage.

Within organisations, we help teams increase their effectiveness. Collaboration is a crucial topic when doing so. We work with organisations on changing structures and processes, but above all on changing attitude and behaviour. With the latter, we try to make the container-concept ‘culture’ concrete, so that we can actively work on improving collaboration. ‘Doing and discovering for yourself’ is central to our approach. Agile, Lean, Management 3.0, Kanban, Obeya and numerous gaming techniques are the tools.